Nick Jordan

UX Practitioner fusing a background in Anthropology and Web Development. An advocate for research-driven design, I've helped launch enterprise IoT services, built online communities, and led qualitative field research across the city of Chicago. In my spare time, find me teaching UX Design at Startup Institute and discussing how remote research can inform and evaluate design solutions.

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Side Projects

Reply All

Reply All was a radio show of community submitted audio on WMXM 88.9FM, built with HTML5 Media Capture and Amazon S3.

Moving Images of the Pacific

I'm the webmaster for MIPI Moving Images of the Pacific, a wiki of Pacific visual history run by the Center for Pacific Island Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.


Voice 365

At Umojo I led the design of Voice 365, a replacement for traditional enterprise phone systems built on top of Skype for Business. After interviewing customers to discover the pain points of switching phone carriers, I worked with Umojo's sales and technical support teams to redefine the customer onboarding process, and guided the development team to launch a responsive management portal built with Node.JS microservices.
Drag and Drop Call tree management from Voice 365 Portal
Drag and drop call tree management in Voice 365

How can we make switching phone systems easier for organizations of all sizes?

  • Serve as a participant observer of the Voice 365 sales process, and map the service experience to discover user goals and pain points.
  • Create the roadmap for Voice 365 portal features, and lead bi-weekly sprints with Umojo's remote and local developers.
  • Design and code front-end web components to be shared across multiple products
  • Using remote research tools including, I surveyed organizations on Umojo's existing voice management features.
  • Facilitating empathic design practices, I taught our team to internalize user stories and goals at the start of every sprint.
  • Using SASS and Gitlab CI, I architected a internal web component library structured with concepts from Atomic Design.
  • The only mobile friendly phone management platform for organizations using Skype for Business.
  • Since launch of the customer onboarding app, the time needed to cut over new customers dropped from over a month to 14 days
  • With the benefits of front-end component driven development, our team created consistent experiences across web and desktop call-center and voice management applications.

Lead Designer

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Service DesignGenerative ResearchFront-end DevelopmentNode.JSGitlab


Working with Mobile X Labs I created the first evaluative research plan for Nativ, a web-based iOS and Android mobile application builder.
Nativ Application Builder Workflow

How can a small team evaluate a new product with qualitative methods?

  • Develop a comprehensive research program to validate user interface concepts, and refine market and pricing strategy.
  • Write research training documents, recruitment and reminder emails, and informed consent forms.
  • Setup screen and video recording technology to allow for live research observation.
  • Working with Nativ's Head of Product, I ran mock research sessions to train the team on body language, tone, and question sequencing.
  • Using browser Javascript Device APIs, I built a browser canvas capture tool to record user interactions, and locally stream participants for external observers.
  • After the research sessions, I tagged and compiled screen recordings and video feedback on each feature of the builder, presenting findings through video topics to the Nativ team.
  • Nativ launched to become one of the first interactive application builders, allowing individuals, small businesses, and organizations to create mobile experiences without the cost and technical barriers of native development.
  • Research findings led to revise user personas, and future development of expanded application templates including those suited towards photographers, small businesses, and restaurants.
  • To expand Nativ's app marketing tools, I designed and piloted App Microsites, free landing pages with QR code downloads for applications built on the platform.

UX Designer

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Service DesignGenerative ResearchFront-end Development


At Fanzter, I helped launch and grow Coolspotters, a online community of pop culture and celebrity information, to over half a million unique users per month. Prior to launch I led QA and usability testing efforts, and later served as Community Manager voicing our users' feedback throughout the design process.
  • Serve as Community Manager to over 100,000 users on, a user-run pop culture website connecting people with the products they love.
  • Collaborate with designers and developers to redesign web and mobile interactions based on user feedback
  • QA Test Ruby on Rails and iOS applications (back in the dark days of IE6)
  • Researching best practices, I implemented web testing frameworks and bug tracking tools including Selenium.
  • I helped refine the Spot Process, the primary interaction of content linking on Coolspotters, introducing assisted photo and video tagging.
  • Coolspotters grew to become the largest community of user created pop culture information with 600,000 unique users a month and over four million page views per month.
  • The team received both design and community praise, while being one of the first high traffic Ruby on Rails applications on the web.

Technology Intern

Community Manager

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Usability and QA TestingCommunity DevelopmentRuby on Rails

The Adulthood Project

As research supervisor for The Adulthood Project, a qualitative research project looking into the changing perceptions of adulthood in America, I directed a team of researchers in the field, and developed data management protocols for mixed methods qualitative research. Working with Principal Investigator, cultural anthropologist Holly Swyers, we presented our framework for public data sharing in Anthropology at the Central States Anthropology Society annual meeting.
The Adulthood Project Research Team
The Adulthood Project Research Team
  • Create an internal information architecture for a growing research team performing qualitative interviews, media analysis, and historical research.
  • Design and develop an web home for the project, allowing future students to share their work.
  • Research open-data solutions to grow the project into a public longitudinal dataset.
  • Writing team protocols, I worked directly with the principal investigator to create teachable solutions for use in and out of the field.
  • Guiding fellow student researchers, I helped facilitate long form qualitative interviews in the field, and public short form questionnaires across the city of Chicago.
  • Observing team workflows, I designed future-proof data management tools and training resources, and drafted recommendations for future qualitative digital collaboration tools.
  • Technology solutions and protocols for all research activities on the project which utilize the public web for data sharing and transparency.
  • Responsive and easy-to-use blog for student researchers to share their individual research.
  • A framework for standardized qualitative research projects, presented at the annual meeting of the American Anthropology Association's midwest chapter.

Research Supervisor

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Qualitative ResearchResearch DesignEthnographic InterviewsContent AnalysisFront-end Development